August 27 Blessed  with many gifts

Has God blessed you with many gifts? Some people never pursue their true visions because they have the “problem” of being multi-talented, of being able to do many things. A misunderstanding of their gifts causes many talented and intelligent people to be ineffective and unsuccessful in life. These people say, “I have so many gifts that I don’t know which ones I’m supposed to use. I want to develop all of them.” As a result, they develop none of them to proficiency. I have many interests myself. I’m a teacher, a preacher, a speaker, and a writer. I can also paint, sculpt, and compose and play music. However, I have had to focus on specific gifts in order to be effective in life.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen anyone who became successful in life by doing everything? When a person tries to do everything, he ends up becoming a “jack-of-all-trades and master of none.” I’m sure you know some multi-gifted people who seem to have the best chances of success but who aren’t doing anything with their lives. You have to guard against the temptation to try to do everything. No matter how many gifts

you have, don’t let them distract you. You must decide to concentrate on one or two gifts, and then stir them up. Don’t worry about losing the other gifts. As you stir one gift up, the other gifts will follow it. God will not waste what He has given you.

Prayer: Father, please help me to keep focused. There are things that I can do, but I want to do them only if they are part of Your plan for my life right now.

Help me to decide which gift to begin concentrating on today.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Thought: God will not waste what He has given you.

Reading: Psalm 120–122; 1 Corinthians 9

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