August 31 Principles for Understanding Vision

Today, reflect on these principles for understanding vision:

1.Two major obstacles to fulfilling vision are not understanding the nature of vision and not recognizing the cost of vision.

2.The essential nature of vision is that it is specific.

3.Mission is a general statement of purpose while vision is a very precise statement with a specific emphasis and definable boundaries.

4.The measure of the success of your vision is God’s assignment to you, not what others are doing.

5.Dreaming is only the beginning of vision. Instead of wishing things would get better, we must take concrete steps to change our lives.

6.Indecisiveness is a vision-killer and drains the joy out of life.

7. If you set a destination for your life while you continue to pray about your vision, God will guide you where you need to go.

8.You were not born or created to do everything. You were meant to meet certain needs, not every need.

9.When you have several gifts and talents, focus on one or two of them and stir them up. Don’t allow multiple gifts to distract you from taking specific steps toward fulfilling your vision.

10.You are not defined by your past or confined by external factors.

11.God has a definite plan and purpose for your life in spite of what your background is or what mistakes you have made.

12.When God gives a gift to someone, He doesn’t change His mind about it. Whatever God has invested in you, He wants to see you use.

Reading: Psalm 132–134; 1 Corinthians 11:17–34

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