Chose God

It might be a good idea to write Joshua 24:15 or a similar passage on a 3×5 card and place it next to your bed or on your bathroom mirror so you can be reminded first thing in the morning to choose God. You can even paste the verse in a reminder in your calendar or schedule it as an alarm in your phone.

Seeing Scriptures such as these first thing in the morning or throughout the day can help you immediately see and think truth and be able to focus on it instead of the temporary things of your up-coming day.

We need God’s grace, and we want to be reminded that we can choose to set our mind on God or we can choose to set our mind on self. If we awaken and allow our thoughts to be consumed by self or with our circumstances, what will we feel in the end? Discouraged! By contrast, if we choose to pray and seek the Lord instead, there can be peace, hope, and renewal.

Remember, you can choose each day whom you will serve. And though it will take a moment-by-moment reorienting of your mind throughout your day, this choice begins first thing in the morning. So as you enter into this daily choice, trust in the One who created the new day and you. He will provide the grace you need to make each new day His.

Take a moment now to pray and seek the Lord. Ask Him to help you choose Him first each day and moment-by-moment throughout the day. Write out Joshua 24:15 or copy and paste it as a reminder into your calendar. May God be your all in all!