DAY 2 The Law of First Things

Read: Mark 12:28-34; Matthew 6:31-33

The kingdom of God operates by spiritual laws and principles. These principles are universally and eternally binding. They are no respecter of persons and if the devil himself were to operate by those laws, success would be guaranteed to him. Most of these laws are unwritten but they are revealed in God’s Word by the Holy Spirit and we must live by them in order to succeed in life. The first one of these laws is the ‘law of First things.’ This law states that whatever you make first in your life will be the dominant force over you. That is why God always asks for the first things of our lives. He desires that His power become the Dominant Force over us. So make up your mind to give Him the first of everything this year: give Him your first love; your first strength; your first increase etc. Don’t be like Esau, who compromised the first things of life, and ended up losing his place and inheritance in life. You have a birthright to God’s blessings. Guarantee that position today by committing your first things to God. May you never lose your place in Jesus Name. Amen

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