LUKE 17:5-10 “And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). In the above verse, the apostles requested the same thing from Jesus that millions of Christians ask for today. They wanted more faith. Jesus stunned them with His answer, just as the truth about faith stuns people today. We don’t need more faith! The faith every Christian has is sufficient to uproot a tree and cast it into the ocean if they would just use it. The solution isn’t getting more faith, but simply using what we have (verse 6). Jesus went on to counter a wrong attitude that most people have about faith. Faith must be viewed as a slave. Slaves do what they are told. Masters don’t request slaves to work; they make them work. That’s the way we should view faith. Faith is something we can command; it’s our slave. We don’t have to passively hope or request faith to work. We take control and command it! The reason the disciples didn’t see their faith work harder for them was that they hadn’t demanded more from their faith. They thought believing in miracles was so hard, it took more faith than what they had. That’s not true for them or us. We’ve underestimated our slaves. We’ve thought we needed many slaves when the truth is this slave (faith) is so powerful, it can accomplish whatever we demand of it. Our world doesn’t understand the power of faith, and sadly, neither do many Christians. We know our faith works, but we’ve incorrectly thought that our needs are larger than our faith. Put your faith to work, and don’t let it rest until it gets the job done. You’ll be blessed by what it can do.

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