PSALM 92:12 “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon” (Ps. 92:12). This is a strange thought. Why would God compare the righteous believer to a palm tree? How can you put a cedar and a palm in the same verse? What is majestic or beautiful about a palm tree? Very few palms are good for fruit and they give little shade. You must consider the context of this verse. David was watching the seeming prosperity of his enemies. He felt small among the mighty nations on the earth in his day, yet he knew they would eventually fall and Israel would endure forever. He also knew those kings who rose up against him would come to destruction, yet his kingdom would never end (verses 9-10). David had God’s word on it. His attitude was that he wouldn’t only just survive but FLOURISH! Can you name a tree that not only exists in harsh conditions but flourishes? The palm tree. Palm trees grow in deserts. Where there seems to be little or no water, you’ll find palm trees. Where the heat is unbearable for humans, let alone for vegetation, you’ll find palm trees. They not only survive, but they grow and grow tall! You can see them from some distance away. The secret of the palm tree is its system of nourishment. A palm tree is different than any other type of tree. All other trees receive water and minerals through the bark. If you cut the bark completely around the tree (ring it) you’ll kill it. Yet with the palm, you can not only cut the bark but weave it or even remove it, and the tree lives. Why? A palm tree pulls its life through the inside of the trunk, not through the bark. A strong believer will not only survive in terrible circumstances and in the midst of their enemies but will flourish like the palm. This follower of God doesn’t live by their flesh, their outward man, but draws their strength from their spirit, their inward man, which is filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s promises.

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