Here are links to a range of free resources and training options. We pray these are useful for your Gospel Outreach work:  
 Links to Micro Enterprise organisations (loans for projects etc): Click Here or Click Here or Click Here
 Free Bible and Leadership Training Courses: Click Here
 Free Bible App with 1277 versions available and 927 different languages: Click Here
 Bible App to use with Children: Click Here
 Free Bible in a Year study option with commentary: Click Here
 Free Bibles link: Click Here
 Free Articles to Help with Fundraising: Click Here
 Free School of Mission Course: Click Here
 Free Gospel App links: Click Here
 Free Printed Gospel Tracts: Click Here or Click Here
 To view the latest GO Team world map go to: Click Here
 Free Evangelism Training Course to help train others: Click Here
 Keys to keeping a GO Team going long term: Click Here
 Free Disciple Making Library: Click Here
 Free Bible and Theology Training: Click Here
 Free Internet Filter to help with Purity and Productivity: Click Here