September 2 Remember Lot’s Wife

“Remember Lot’s wife.” Luke 17:32 I was amazed as I went through Luke Chapter 17:32. It is loaded with great meaning. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah captures the wrath of God over two cities that had become wayward and denied the grace of God completely through their sin. Lot and his family happened to live in one of these cities but because of the prayers of Abraham, God saved him and his family.

What is eye catching about this verse is that in the whole New Testament, this is the only time that Lot’s wife is referred to. What can we possibly learn from remembering Lot’s wife? When Lot and his family were taken out by the angels of the Lord, they had an instruction not to look back. They were to leave Sodom and Gomorrah and all that was in it. They had lived in those cities, their lives were there, and these cities were part of them. Their friends and relatives were there and yet God said to them, ‘Don’t look back!’ When they were told to leave, they left the city in a hurry because God’s anger over the cities was so great. Lot’s wife was in motion but the moment she looked back she became a monument! she looked back She turned into a pillar of salt. She disobeyed an express command. There are many people in the Church today, who have become stagnant and have stopped growing because they looked back and disobeyed the command that had been given. The Lord does not give us a provision of giving up in this life. Even when we are hurt by the circumstances of this life, the Lord wants us to carry on and maintain our focus on Him.

This is hard but when you remember Lot’s wife, you will not want to turn into a monument. There is one thing about a monument; it stays where it has been put. If placed in a valley, a monument will stay there. It has no will of its own but is dragged around by others. Forget what lies behind, past hurts, past failures and past disappointments. Continual meditation on these will simply turn you into a monument. You will stop growing and your passions and dreams will die. When that happens, your purpose in this world will be aborted. Paul forgot what lay behind and pressed on towards the mark.

Drag yourself towards your goals even in moments when the temptation to look back is great. God has a prize ahead of you and the price for it is resisting the temptation of looking back (Philippians 3:13-14). Isaiah 42 v 9 says that it is imperative to forget the former things before we can fully appreciate the new things. Lot’s wife had a problem appreciating the new thing that the Lord was doing, she failed to comprehend the intensity of God’s visitation for her family because her heart was still in Sodom and Gomorrah. You cannot effectively cling to the things ahead of you unless you effectively leave the things that are behind. The Lord will not fill your hands with new things if they are still full of old ones.

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