September 20 Who Could Do It Better Than Joseph?

 ” As they discussed who should be appointed for the job, Pharaoh said, “Who could do it better than Joseph? For he is a man who is obviously filled with the spirit of God.” Gen 41:38 Joseph was a brilliant young man, intelligent and with a big portfolio of dreams. Success was definitely supposed to be a given for him. Here is a young man who had the doors to his future wide open for him and nothing was going to stop him. His father loved him very much but in that love, he had to deal with hatred from his brothers. He had amazing dreams and in those dreams, he had to deal with the opposition that was coming to him from all directions. The summary of this young man was that of a person in conflict. He had a dream and a vision but he had to go through a tough road to the realization of those goals and dreams. There is a journey to be taken on the road to the realization of your dream. Joseph waited for several years to hear the words in Gen 41:38 said to him, “Who could do it better than Joseph?” Obstacles are never a signal for the end of your dreams. Today I want to assure you that God is keeping your dream alive. Joseph found himself in the hands of his brothers and they had plans to kill him. His brothers threw him into a pit.

In that pit Joseph should have been calling unto to the father like some of us. We usually confront God with the question “Why me?” I am sure God’s answer has always remained the same, “Because you are special!” In those situations, the Lord is busy preparing you for that big dream that you have. You are so special to Him. When he left the pit, he was sold into slavery. It was time for him to come out of the familiar territory and go to Egypt ahead of his family. The methods that God used to bring Joseph closer to his throne were unconventional. As a slave in Potiphar’s house he did well and was promoted but at that moment, a false accusation came and he landed in prison. All these things were allowed to prepare Joseph. From prison, Joseph saw the fulfillment of his dream.

I want to encourage you today that the dream you have is not dead God is keeping your dream alive in every situation that you face. Romans 5:3-5, Paul says tribulations are good and the reason is that when you go through tribulation, it brings about perseverance. Perseverance brings about proven character, and proven character hope. And hope does not disappoint because of the love of God. Hope in the Lord and you will not be disappointed. The tribulations that we face are not a misnomer; it is the highway of God for the realization of your maximum potential. In everything, keep your focus on Him.

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