September 21 You Were Freed To Be Free

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand fast therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Gal 5:1 RSV) The sad thing about the slave trade was not the very act of making people slaves but it was the pain that came with the breaking up of the families. The social fabric of Africa was dealt a severe blow as the most productive, the fathers, and the beautiful ones were taken as slaves. At this juncture, I will define what a slave is, according to the Oxford Dictionary. A slave is, “a person who is the property of another and is obliged to work for him or her or one who is dominated by another or by an influence.” Paul addresses the Galatians and he says to them. It was for freedom that Christ Has set us free. Stand fast therefore and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery. When one is born again, there is a danger of failing to understand what Jesus Has done and thereby a failure to walk in the power of His might. One then remains in bondage. Christ died to free all from the forces that once held us captive. We were slaves in our sins. We were bound and being led to death. There was disruption in our lives. Everything that we worked on did not succeed. When Jesus came and we received Him, He made us free and we must enjoy the freedom.

Many have remained in the pain of poverty and all the negative things that have happened in their lives for failing to embrace His freedom. Many lead themselves back into captivity through crippling mindsets. Paul urges us and he says, “Stand fast therefore.” Don’t be carelessness. Disregard everything that may seek to destroy you and just stand. You have to stand and defend this freedom that you have received from Christ! With the freedom that you have attained, do not submit yourself again to the yoke of bondage. It is possible as a believer to put yourself under the yoke of the enemy again. This is why it’s so imperative for you to stand fast. The yoke of slavery does not have any power over you anymore. There is only one person who can put you under that yoke again-that person is you. The devil cannot do it; no demon in hell can put you under that yoke again. They can only succeed with your help. The African slaves looked forward to a day of freedom. When that day came, some of them were used to slavery that they were happy remaining with their masters as slaves. Have you been a slave for too long that you are happy marching back into that lustful relationship? You are emerging a winner; you will not and cannot be enslaved again in your life.