September 23 And Out Came This Calf

So I told them, ‘Bring me your gold earrings.’ When they brought them to me, I threw them into the fire – and out came this calf!” Exo 32:24 God heard the cry of the children of Israel as they were oppressed in Egypt. In His compassion, he sent Moses his servant to rescue them and set them free from the yoke of slavery. As Moses was coming down from the mountain where he was meeting with the Lord, he found the whole nation in crisis. The people had turned away from God and were worshiping a golden calf. Aaron understood and knew the command that God had given to Israel. Remember he was Moses’ spokesperson in Egypt.

When Aaron is questioned about what had happened in Moses’ absence, he refuses to take responsibility. God wants to take you to new dimensions but as long as you are still full of excuses, you will not experience it. Failure to take responsibility results in stagnancy. When Aaron was confronted by Moses concerning his sin, he answered Moses, “…I threw them into the fire and out came this calf,” (Verse 24). He tries to run away from responsibility. Many times you hear people blaming their fathers for the things that have happened in their lives.

God has provided a way out of your situation, and that way is for you to arise and take responsibility for your situation. Aaron was supposed to fall down and repent for his sin. His was a sin that caused a loss of many lives in the nation that day but all he does is attribute the misfortune to some miracle that happened in the fire and produced a golden calf. This is the season for us to focus on God like never before. If there are any golden calves in your life, this is the time to destroy them and move your eyes to focus on the Lord Jesus. An excuse is a justification of fault or a release from an obligation or duty. The Lord is saying to you today enough of those excuses. Arise and change things around you; the power is in your hands.

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