September 27 Dig Trenches In This Valley

And he said, Thus says the Lord: Make this [dry] brook bed full of trenches. 17 For thus says the Lord: You shall not see wind or rain, yet that ravine shall be filled with water, so you, your cattle, and your beasts [of burden] may drink. (2 Kings 3:16-17) They were stuck in the rut; dryness was the order of their day. There seemed to be no solace for this group that had set off to fight a battle hoping to bring victory home. The threat was real; they were going to die without even a single arrow being shot at them.

Their silent killer was going to be the lack of water to quench their thirst. It was looming and was sure to happen unless a miracle took place. Elisha the prophet was summoned into the situation. He was a man of God with solutions to mind boggling situations such as this one. His answer to the state of things was way out of the ordinary. It was not a conventional one! They needed water now and his solution was a round robin. “Dig trenches in this dry brook bed.” Everyone knew that no matter how much you dug; there would be no water out of that ground! But God’s Word is for doing! Peter and his fellows had toiled all night and caught nothing but when Jesus told him to launch into the deep, he said, “at thy word I will let down the nets.” The result was a net breaking and boat sinking catch.

There is something that they needed to make before God would play his part. The little energy they had left had to be spent digging in the dry valley. The water did not come instantly, it also demanded for them to dig deep into their patience reserves. Naturally, the wind must bring the clouds from somewhere and rain must fall to solve this type of problem. Well, not necessarily, God is not limited to the methods we are accustomed to. The prophet dismissed these two normal channels and said the valley would still be filled with water. Everyone would drink and be spared of imminent death. Your answer is not in the Economics books, it is not in certain indicators in the economy of your country.

God has certain methods at His disposal. Are you caught between a rock and a hard place? Are you out of ideas on how to make a trip out of that difficulty which is ever threatening your life? There is only one thing to do, DIG! Make that valley full of trenches. God is sending a flush flood from unexpected sources. Your business might not be doing so great right now, DIG! When you obey Him, you will reap the reward of a fulfilled Word. Instead of crying for lack, what system have you put in place so that when opportunity begins to flow, your trenches will retain what has come? Build a system, it might seem to be bringing in little but hey, morning is breaking and that water will flow and fill those trenches.

Nothing else is going to contain the water for your benefit but the trenches you have invested effort and sweat in. This word is prophetic for you today, it is releasing for you uncommon favor. It is unlocking locked doors. As the Word does this, make sure you are ready to retain and contain the flow of the water. Build your capacity to a level where you can contain that which God is doing. I pray for you today, that every stumbling block that has been zapping away your energy be removed. I pray for you that your feeble knees and weak hands be strengthened with mighty. I pray that you may make that valley of dryness full of trenches in preparation for your turn around. Keep digging!

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