September 29 Drive Furiously

And the watchman told, saying, He came even unto them, and cometh not again: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously. (2 Ki 9:20 KJV) Jehu was known for a unique way of doing things. It was his signature and from afar, the watchmen could identify him. He drove furiously, with no hesitation or fear! The nation was in crisis and when he was called upon to play a role in correcting things, there was little vacillation from Jehu. Time and again, life may hit a stagnant spot.

All may seem lost and it might appear as if there is no way out. Daily tasks become mundane and you feel like you are a spent force. There might not be cheering on the grandstands of your life. Not much fanfare but like Jehu drive furiously because as you continue pushing, something must give. When things seem to wrong, DRIVE! When there seem to be no progress, DRIVE! When you seem down, DRIVE! Jehu drove that chariot furiously. As you keep DRIVING, the stubborn situation must give way! You are a failure when you cower back and surrender. DRIVE furiously, victory is in view. Say “I WILL DRIVE” When one sets of to dig a well, to get the water he knows he must endure until he gets to the water table. They may be a few trickles of water along the way but he will not cower back and say his Endeavour is not fruitful. The hour he hits the water table, all his labour is fruitful at once.

Giving up is worse than never beginning as someone else will come and put minimum effort to profit on your labour. Heed the word to day; you must drive furiously towards the attainment of that university degree. The studying might be hard and painful but drive still. Others are in a place of pain, not sure if their business toiling will bring in a profit, as you continue driving there is something that will give. A few years ago, I was put in a tight place where I needed to do sales. I was never confident with my sales skills. I knocked several doors without much success but as I continued, I started selling the product effortlessly. My failures turned out to be really a learning curve. Today I salute you because you have come this far. Let me be that cheering voice in your grandstands as I join in with the crowd of witnesses gathered to cheer you on. You can’t be a failure as heaven itself is on your side.

You are crowned with power from on high. You have been given the ability to make it. What seemed hard and impossible must give in to your persistent effort. As you sustain what you are doing and repeat it over and over again, victory is imminent. Drive furiously! Your victory is awaited on by many. You must be the example to others. Your giving up does not profit anybody. You can turn around that business, marriage, finances or whatever seems to be your obstacle. Just keep driving.