September 3 One Day At A Time

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (Psalm 90 v 12) The successful and the not so successful people have one thing in common. They are all given a twenty-four-hour day. Nothing can be done to change this truth. The poor and the rich also have this in common. Time is one of the most precious resources that we are all given. To succeed in anything, time has to be used properly and with diligence. Of all the resources that you have, time is the most important one that you will never be able to buy back in case you have lost it. You can lose your house, your car and even money but these can be bought back. No court on earth can order anyone to restitute you of your time.

You have to live with the fact that you are past yesterday and you have added another day to your age. Time is constantly moving and as it moves, it closes old windows of opportunity and opens other windows. Learn to discern how you will utilize your time. Your future depends on what you do today and how you invest your time. Don’t waste time dwelling on the mistakes you made yesterday. Learn from yesterday’s experiences but do not waste more time lamenting the errors thereof! Success demands strict time management and a realization that every minute is precious towards goal attainment. Every second that passes could as well be your success and your recognition.

Never allow idleness to get hold of you because idleness consumes time. Evaluate yourself on a daily basis. Evaluate the things you have done that contribute to your ultimate goal. Never take things for granted. Do not leave your success to chance. Your success will come from deliberate efforts that are carefully ordered on a daily basis, minute by minute and second by second. Success is not an accidental thing; it comes out of diligent time management. Living your success to chance is a disaster in the making, it will cause you to die disappointed and miss your opportunities because of failing to discern the seasons. Leaving things to chance will cripple your progress and hinder you from attaining those goals that are so precious to you. Be possessive of your time, hug your time to your heart and do not allow anyone to take it from you.

Do not allow events, no matter how painful or exciting slow you down. Success is tailored in time; it is the wrapping paper in which success comes in. If that time is missed, if the season has passed sadly success would also have been missed. Time for you is in the present, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Make it a habit not to spare for the future what you can do in the today. The future is not yours, what you have is the present. The Psalmist recognized how precious time was and he asked for strength and wisdom to number his days. If you can manage your time well, you can manage every other resource.

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