September 30 Moving To The New Level

“Come on now, let’s go across to these uncircumcised pagans. Maybe GOD will work for us. There’s no rule that says God can only deliver by using a big army. No one can stop GOD from saving when he sets his mind to it.” (1 Sam 14:6 MSG) As you drive furiously, there will be impediments in your way. You must lean on the resources that are deep within. As the environment opposes dig within where you will find a cushion against the outside torrents. New levels and new dimensions are sitting right inside of you. There are still mountains to climb and accolades to collect in your life. You are not a spent force! Jesus said, the one who believes in Him “…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water John 7:38).”

 When these rivers of living water start flowing, they will break into your normal routines of life. They are a flood and not a trickle of water! They will break into your marriage, your business, your family life, your job and everything about you. Success has always been an inside job, never external! Jonathan drew out of his inner resources at a time when Israel was under the oppression of the Philistines. There were no weapons in the land. You could count the number of swords available in the whole country. The people of the land were in hiding, afraid! It was a pathetic situation. In the midst of all this, Jonathan said to his amour bearer, “Come on now…” Beautiful words which I want to repeat to you today, Come on now! The way things are is subject to change. Come on now, you have the power to transform the way things are. Come on now, disregard the dictates of your environment and rise to a level of prominence over your circumstances.

Come on now, you are not a beggar in life but a master according to the order of God. Come on now, you carry inner resources that can take you to the top! Against all odds, Jonathan stood up with his armour bearer to go to the garrison of the Philistines to challenge the status quo. If you looked at them from the outside, they were ill equipped and sheep for the slaughter. They were outnumbered; all odds were stacked up against them. The power inside continued to propel Jonathan forward. He was equal to the task and drove furiously towards the achievement of the freedom of all in his nation. He knew that as a prince, there were sacrifices to made and comfort zones to be abandoned for the greater good of all. Jonathan spoke words that propelled him forward. His belief in God was well intact. “There is no rule that says God can only deliver by a big army.” He can save by few too, glory to God! Jonathan was provoking something in the heavens. Heaven will back up the one who believes. God is proud to be associated with the one who will entirely trust in Him. He is not glorified by bench warmers. He is not glorified by those who are fearful. He is not glorified by those who are crybabies! You better wipe those tears and rise up to levels never imagined. He is glorified by those who will rise and act. This is the season to drive furiously. When Jonathan got into the garrison of the enemy, they all began to fall before him and his armour bearer slaughtered after him. They fell because of what was inside of him. Drive I say, drive furiously