September 7 The Internal Gold Field

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the Excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. 2Cor 4:7 A mere look with the natural eye will not reveal it, you would dismiss the Gold Field as a simple space, good for nothing.

However, those who know can always tell, they can always distinguish a piece of land that has gold or treasure below it from that with nothing. In this hi-tech generation, machines and computer programs have been developed to do this. In the same way, when you look at yourself with the natural eye, it is easy to dismiss yourself as good for nothing. You may think of yourself as a failure or a mistake. The Word tells us that you were fashioned by the Lord when you were in your mother’s womb.. That means that we carry a special destiny with us, we are designed for special purpose.

Did you know that even the very hairs of your head a numbered? Yea it is very easy for you not to notice but the Lord carefully watches over you. Why do you look without for things that are within? Many have failed to realize that the Lord has put something awesome inside them. There is a gold field within you, a field that carries treasures that this world has never seen. You have abilities in you. Outside, you are merely an earthly tabernacle, wearing an Earth-Suit. The earth suit on its own is nothing but dust but God carefully put treasure in that delicate body. He has done this so that the excellence of power maybe of God and not of us. Others consider themselves not beautiful, others consider themselves too fat, and this makes them miss out on the treasure God has put inside them. A few however have managed to overcome their exterior limitations, they have managed to remove the rubble that hindered them and reached out for the treasure.

When you dig for natural gold, you have to remove rubble and invest strength and resources to get the gold/ treasure. This principle applies also for the treasure that is in you; you need to do some digging, to go on a journey of discovery. In this journey, you need to invest time and resources. You cannot discover the treasure over night; you have to work on it. Do not be perplexed child of God by the limitations that exist outside you, Stop panicking when your environment closes in.

There is a God in Heaven who has put all you need to cope inside you. He has designed you as an overcomer! All that you have been looking for is safely stored within you. Go out there and give the world the opportunity to see that the excellence of power is not of man but God. The day you start digging your internal gold field is the day you will start leaving a mark in this world. A lot have died and have been buried with that treasure, make a decision today to start digging.

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