God created the world to be a perfect place where there is no work, death or Sickness.
In the Garden of Eden man everything he needs without labor and direct communication with God. There was food for man without work. And man was meant to live by fruits in the garden. The man’s food was given to him as a pleasure but not a as means of continuity of life.
However, man sinned against God by listening to Satan to obey Satan rather obeying God. As a result of what Adam and Eve did, God drove man away from the Garden of Eden and curse man to eat from the labor of his hand. Thereby create man to work before to eat.

However, because man was to labor in order to eat many things, occupied the heart of man, how to labor and eat from this thought many evil ideas was filled in the heart of man played many games of evil in order to live. Here, stealing, killing, cheating etc. came to occupy the heart of man. With these the wickedness of man increases that mad God to regret ever creating man Genesis 6:6
Based on the increase of wickedness the first world was destroyed leaving Noah and his family. Then with Noah God rebuild the world, and as times goes on people were doing all the things their hearts inclined to do. Cain also killed Abel his brother.

However, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah engaged themselves in man to man and woman to woman marriage which we have seen today as LGBT. (Romans 1:26)The sins of the people in that time was so much as our sins today but the world has been on the end times which God has setup a day of Judgment to repay everyone according to his or her deeds Revelation 22:11-12.
Meanwhile, God drove man away from the Garden of Eden and allow people to work on their own ways and thought. But based on the compassion and love of God. He has to find out a way to bring man back to paradise. He has already made the paradise for man to live, but the man was no longer there. It was not meant for angels but for man. Therefore, in order to gain access to this place there must be a requirement and avoid the same mistake.

Then God has found a redeemer who will go and take man back to paradise. God is looking someone who can guarantee man to regain the Garden of Eden. Isaiah 6:8-13. Here was asking who I shall send to take man to back to Garden Eden. God sent Jesus to the world to become the saviour of man and also to show people the way back to Garden of Eden. For the very reason that Jesus was also in the Garden of Eden and knows the place very well, he becomes the one that can lead us back to Garden Eden. On this note Jesus I am the way the truth and the life John 14:6

Jesus is the way to Garden Eden those that follow him will finally reach the Garden Eden and there is no other way by which we can approach the Garden of Eden exempt through Jesus. Acts 4:12
Jesus is the way to the gain Garden of Eden, when he was to come to the world he did just appear as an angel but become human being in order to test the condition of been a human so that he can prepare a perfect for man to gain access to Garden Eden. To us a child is born Isaiah 9:6. He was born of a woman to take the flesh of man in order to know the weakness and strength of the flesh of human beings. Because he has tested our nature he can explain better to us what God wants based on the things we can do and the ones we cannot do also. Jesus accepts to come and redeem us and restore the way of Garden of Eden. We have hope now that the way to the Garden of Eden has been restored to us. THIS IS THE HOPE WE HAVE FROM CHRISTMAS.

God had made Jesus to become a gift to us that whoever that accepts him will find the way to Garden Eden. This gift is to the whole world and nobody is excluded. Every creature of God is called today to accept Jesus in order to begin a journey back to Garden of Eden.
Therefore, to those that had identified with Jesus will stand a chance to receive forgiveness of their sins. In this Garden of Eden, there will be no sinners in it, because God drove Adam and Eve away because of their sin of disobedient to God. So those entering this Garden of Eden should be without sin. Once we have accepted Jesus to be the Lord of Our Life we have to surrender our lives to him and we have to live for him. When we have come to Jesus we have made peace with God and we have become the sons of God John 1:12. Those accepted

Jesus had become the sons of God, which means that we are for God all the rest of our lives. Then we sin again we need to ask for forgiveness so that the blood of Jesus will be released to cleanse our sin. 1 John 2:1-2
Here, we see Jesus as an advocate to us to plead on behalf of us before God, so that we can be worthy in the presence of God. This hope that we have an advocate to judge and forgive our sin is also a hope that came from Christmas. Many of us that had this hope of entering the Garden of Eden will always wash themselves 1 John 3:3

1.Peace with God

  1. The opening of way to the Garden of Eden
  2. We can overcome the world
  3. Our Sins receives pardon in order to qualify for the journey.
  4. Become son of God
  5. Living with an Advocate.