Day 11 -The Courage to Be Truthful

When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish. —Esther 4:16b

God wants us to speak the truth, but sometimes speaking it requires much more courage than we anticipated. Esther knew this firsthand. As queen of Persia, she had to hide her Jewish heritage, especially after King Xerxes’ evil Prime Minister, Haman, decreed that the Jews of Persia should be annihilated.

Esther had one chance to save her people, but it meant revealing her greatest secret. Moreover, if she went to King Xerxes without an invitation, He could kill her on the spot.

Hopefully, few of us will be asked to give up our lives for the sake of truth, but we may be asked to face frightening circumstances. In many cases, Christians who told the truth about their God or stuck by the truth of their morals have lost jobs, families, possessions or prestige. In several foreign countries around the world, Christians are being beheaded, burned or tortured for their faith.
Standing up for truth might cost you a deep and important friendship or a financial opportunity you or your family needs. The truth may be the most difficult words you speak in those situations.

If you’ve been called to speak the truth today, don’t hesitate. Ask God to reassure you of His plan and fill your heart with courage. Then speak the words He gives you, whether they’re meant for a family member or a large group of strangers. It may be difficult and result in negative consequences, but like Esther, you’ll be rewarded. Your message will be heard, and perhaps you will plant seeds in people who need to listen and respond.

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