Four things that can close the door of heaven against you

Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion, Unforgiveness


Rejection includes fear of rejection and self-rejection.
Except for the sins of the ancestors, rejection is generally where the
demons first attack someone. Because of the parents, this can be in the
Matt. 5:3…………(rejected are “poor in spirit”)
Matt. 5:43-44…..(love your enemies)
II Cor. 5:14-15…(not live unto themselves)
Eph. 6:4………….(fathers provoke not your children to wrath)
Rejection is defined as reject, refuse, repudiate, decline, deny, rebuff,
repel, renounce, discard, throw away, exclude, eliminate and jettison.
Have you had these feelings before? Rejection is very common among


Bitterness includes resentment, hatred, unforgiveness, violence, temper,
anger, retaliation and murder.
Generally, after a person becomes rejected, they become bitter.
Acts 8:22-24…….(gall of bitterness and bond of iniquity)
Rom. 3:13-14……(full of cursing and bitterness)
Eph. 4:31-32…….(bitterness—forgiveness)
Heb. 12:14-16…..(peace—bitterness)
Bitterness is defined as bitterly curse, rebellious, sharp, acrid, grief,
embitter, poisonous, violently, provoke, vex, grieve, sorrow, bitter herb,
calamity, bile, venom, angry, chafed, most bitterly, rebel and provoke.
Have you had these feelings before? Unforgiveness, which is a form of
bitterness, is very common among Christians.


Rebellion includes self-will, stubbornness, disobedience and antisubmissiveness.
Generally after a person has become bitter, they rebel.
1 Sam. 15:23 (for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is
as iniquity and idolatry)
Heb. 2:2……..(disobedience received a just reward)
Heb. 13:17….(submit yourselves)
2 Pet. 2:10….(presumptuous are they, self-willed)
Disobedience means to disobey, transgress, violate, disregard, defy,
infringe, shirk, resist, mutiny, rebel and revolt.
Have you had these feelings before? Rebellion is very common among


Generally a person’s demons can not be cast out if he has unforgiveness
in his heart.
Matt. 18:21-35 (Law of Forgiveness – Key Chapter)
God sends demons to torment these with unforgiveness. Forgive your
fellow man
70 x 7 = 490 times.
Kingdom of Heaven: ….God…..Rich Man…..Poor Man
(Is likened to) …………(King)…….(You)……..(Anyone you have not forgiven)
Talent = 750 oz. of silver; Pence = 1/8 oz. of silver.
10,000 talents x 750 = 7,500,000 oz. = $52,800,000 ($600,000).
100 Pence x 1/8 = 12-1/2 oz. = $44.00…….($1.00).
Forgave 600,000 times as much.
Tormentors are Satan and his demons.
Prison is being in jail with Satan as Warden and his demons as guards.
This is the crucifixion of the flesh until you come to your senses and
forgive your fellow man and then ask God to forgive you!
The consequence of unforgiveness is the most important lesson that God
has taught us about DELIVERANCE.
Cancer and arthritis can come in through the sin of unforgiveness. If you
know a Christian with these diseases, see if they have unforgiveness.
They cannot be healed if the demons have a right to be there.
Pattern for being delivered and healed: forgive others, ask God for
forgiveness, and forgive self. Cast out unforgiveness and bitterness. Cast
out cancer and arthritis. Anoint with oil and pray for healing.

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