Day 08 -God Is Our Peace

January 08,2024
For He Himself is our peace. —Ephesians 2:14a

Peace is a well-known fruit of the Spirit, but many Christians struggle to find it in everyday life. When most people think of peace, they think of a warm, calm feeling in the chest or a feeling that trouble can’t touch them. They equate lack of feelings with a lack of peace.

In today’s verse, Paul reminds us our peace is a person, not a feeling. Christ himself is our peace. In other words, no matter how chaotic life seems, focusing on Christ will help us find peace again. We may not feel it, but it will be there.

How can you make Christ your peace? Start by studying verses like today’s or the stories of biblical characters such as Mary, who trusted the Lord despite questions about their circumstances. You can also assess how chaotic your life truly is. Although you can’t control all circumstances, you can and should control others. For example, if you spend your entire day on the phone or computer or with the television on, unplugging for a while can help to quiet your life. If you’re overloaded with commitments, take a step back. Pray, asking God to show you what He wants you to do and what activities you should let go.

If circumstances are beyond your control, find small ways to inject peace into your daily life. Read the Bible or a Christian novel during chemo treatments. Listen to soothing music or meditations on the way to court proceedings. If family life has you stressed, ask a spouse or friend to take over chores or kid- related duties so you can have time to decompress. Finally, remember to pray often, seeking the source of your peace and sharing needs and praise.

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