We are created for God's Purpose

We are created for God’s Purpose

In this life, first of all, we do not know when the day we will die will be. Second, we must face God’s judgment seat where we must be responsible for all our actions while on this earth. Third, remember, that we were created only for God. We exist because God wants us to exist. God who willed our existence. So remembering, at any time we can die, remembering that we have to face God’s judgment seat and be accountable for all our actions while on earth, and remembering that we were created by God, only for God, then we must now dispute, question, what God has assigned to us. each of us.

Of course, each of us has a special profession, job and circumstances. And wherever we are, there must be God’s work there. In this case we must ask, “What should I do, Lord?” Of course we are afraid, lest we have a vision and work that is not from God, or not at God’s command and command, how terrible! If a job is not God’s command, then we invest time, energy, thoughts in it, and involve many people in that work or activity, how terrible our situation will be before God.

So, we really have to ask God to tell us what we should do. Don’t let us create our own work or own projects. Our hearts must first be full of compassion towards others. And the main thing is more than this, love God first; love God, love God, want to please God, want to be God’s favorite child, then be merciful towards others. Surely God will show us what projects we must do for God.

Each of us has to make a case; in the midst of our work, God certainly places special tasks, which God gives us; which is not given to anyone else. It can’t be done by someone else properly, because this is our job. Unless we refuse, God can replace us with another. So, we must ask God, “What should I do with my body, money and time? What do I have to do?” If we have our own desires or certain pleasures, we will definitely use what is appropriate for God’s work.

We must use what God entrusts to us for His work. And we have to ask what we should do. Don’t abuse it by humans. Don’t abuse it by pastors or churches. But there must be good pastors and churches, who actually use the money and facilities entrusted to the church by the congregation, for God’s work. People who are serious about finding out what is the task that God has entrusted to each individual and are serious about doing it, it becomes the joy of life, the beauty of life, the joy of life, the joy of life.

Our lives have divine dynamics when we do God’s work. And we will continue living this version of life in eternity. Today make sure we start to really ask God, “What should I do today, Lord?” For short-term God projects, God can whisper, “Go see that friend of yours, talk about this,” for example. There are short-term projects that we are undertaking for the near future. But there are also big, long-term projects that we will do until we close our eyes.

Some of us may say, “I don’t have anything.” We have prayers. Pray for the ministry of God’s servants, whether in Jakarta, in the regions, evangelism ministry, building Bible schools, public schools; all of which is truly directed towards the formation of a new man in God; the formation of the inner man. This is God’s big project. Blessed are those of us who are truly willing to seek and find the special task that God has given us to fulfill. And we will have a longing to go home to heaven and say, “Lord, I have finished the task you entrusted to me.”

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