Day 06 -You Bring God Joy

January 06, 2024
For the Lord takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with victory. —Psalm 149:4

Did you know you bring God joy? Many people, even Christians, doubt this or claim it isn’t true. Unfortunately, even in the church, myth persists that God is a cosmic cop. Many Christians think He barely tolerates them, allowing them into Heaven because of Jesus’ sacrifice but waiting to punish their mistakes and failures on Earth. God’s true heart toward you is a heart of deep love and pride.

It’s true that God can’t tolerate sin and expects us to repent and turn away from it. However, a plethora of Bible verses, including today’s, show us a different picture of God than we might be used to. God delights in you. You make Him smile. He created you, and He looks on you with joy and pride.
When you do sin or fail, He doesn’t take pleasure in your pain. He says, “Come back to me. We’ll handle this together.” A pastor once said that if God had a refrigerator, all our pictures would be on it.

Knowing you’re God’s beloved child and that you bring Him joy will bring more joy to your life, too. Your circumstances may not be the best, but knowing God is rooting for you in the midst of them can make them easier to handle. Additionally, you’ll be eager to share God’s joy with others. You may find yourself doing more kind and generous deeds throughout the year or praising God more. If you need a reminder of how God thinks of you, pray to be shown His joy. Then revel in it, because that will bring Him the most joy of all.

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